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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello from 70s.

            I seriously heart 70s. Not just for its fashion, but for the lifestyle - it was much more easy-going, fun and friendly and with a tinge of frivolity. Back then people didn't have these advanced technology devices that rule our lives nowadays. But they were still able to locate their friends in the crowd. Fashion was not even to be referred to as "Fashion" - nobody was saying "fashion statement"

Thursday, September 17, 2015

On how I dress up for everywhere I go.

             I always strive to channel comfort and elegance in one concept. No matter where I am or what I do , I still attempt to look some-how neat and with a tinge of class - it is my rule of a Lady. Even if I happen to storm outside all frumpy and just out-of-bed I at least try to through a cute cardigan or a pair of heels on just to reflect that inner Posh state

Swim season memories.

Tbt to the day I rocked this hip contrasting bathing separates.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's a SKORT?

Skirt+shorts = a SKORT. 
Welcome to my closet, u sexy asymmetric skortie.

Lavender silk and Banana Republic.

        Words can't describe my obsession about timeless-chic pieces that have been bringing out elegance and subtlety throughout the decades. Pieces, like this sophisticated, breezy silk skirt, that

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lux class sweatpants.

I realize that sweatpants are perceived as outwear nowadays (refined with a pair of fancy heels or statement shoes, of course, haha) , but it wasn't something I wanted to engage with it until I acquired a feel of luxury wearing my new pair of posh Juicy Couture signature sweatpants. They were too good for my at-home activities, like painting , decorating, gardening or cleaning. "My life-style doesn't consist of fancy lays in bed with a dainty doggie with a sky high attitude,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On a walk with Debbie Harry.

           As You can tell, I was not on an actual walk with a legend itself. But it would be one of the most rewarding walks ever! I wouldn't find her gorgeousness and being-an-icon secret ( it stays personal, within each of us ) , but I would certainly get a rush of inspiration and a set of precious advices about style and ways to succeed. It is always interesting to hear other people's success stories, but it is essential to carve out your own style and ways, leading to it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dress up your sport.

       These hot and stuffy days in Charlotte aren't fast-paced at all unless you wear the super versatile Nike kicks, that take you from one place to another faster than anything else. I am all about sport lately. Not just wearing sneakers when I exercise, but also sporting them when I wear dresses and skirts.
      Sport shoes evolved within the past couple years. Tomboy girls,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bellbottoms took the top.

    Bellbottoms are back fo sho! They have been back. I remember back in the days when I was growing up I refused to put my one year old flared jeans on, because it was sooo out-of-step, yesterday story i.e. gone those days when it was a big bang on a trend and everybody cool owned it and flaunted it to the max. 
        Well, today is a different story. It, frankly, took bellbottoms long enough to make an impressive comeback, but we are still happy

Wearing black aka wearing style.

       I adore the color of black for its universality. It is fun to go on mix'n'match missions with it. All-black is flawless of course, but I prefer insetting a note of different mod, or color (shade, hue, tint - any!). A color punch is really bold and playful, but a lot of times when I am on the go, I opt for a low-key color set. Monochrome, in this case, served to be a key concept. It is ALMOST all-black,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Green is all around.


No, I am not trying to blend in with a green scenery around. But this flawless green dress had to be worn! It allured me with its beauty and nature-inspired color scheme, so I wasn't strong enough to hang it back. Green is a really beautiful color, it excites me no matter where I see it - grass, apparel, design or art. It is a naturally appealing color. 
I like how prevailing it is over a black accented hem, that in its turn a

Plaid with red.

         Since simplicity and comfort have been promoted and elevated recently, we can wear plaid outside your garden, skate park or college routine. It is widely acceptable style attribute. And no, you don't need a straw hat to make the best out of it. All you need is a sense of style and suitability of your outfit for this or that situation, thereby make sure you do not wear a plaid shirt with jeans shorts to the theater, instead wear , let's say, a sheer and slick plaid maxi or midi with a close-fitting white collared shirt. 

Sky and sun.

        Did you know that blue and orange are the most harmonic hues according to the color wheel? That is why the sun fits perfectly in the blue sky, that is why just looking into the sky produces a happiness hormone in our brain, and we want to spend more time out when it's sunny. 
I didn't really have this kind of mindset or idea , creating this outfit.

Stonewashed denim+patterns.

       I love denim in all shapes and forms. I personally own a countless amount of it. I simply adore it because it is comfortable and stylish. You can go from frumpy cute to sublimely chic with it. It plays your best assets and conceals disadvantages. Skinies has been an absolute win-win for the past decade and a big hit. So I have pairs of skinnies for every situation.
        Here, I am wearing a vintage find by Lee. These guys don't

        Black never goes away from our lives. Black is iconic. If you opt for all black, it is essential you know how and where to stop , because you don't want to overplay its dark magic. Some people underestimate black, especially if their uniform at work is limited to black color. Therefore they are annoyed with it and do not see all the privileges black carries with itself.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yummy pastels.

       For another rainy and boring-at-the-first-sight day I opted for smooth pastels and delicate neutrals. In any sartorially confusing situation or simply when you DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR (happens to me 90% out of all the time , lol ) reach for muted shades in your closet. It will complement the whole package of assets you come with, make you look elegant and innocent and increase a head-turning effect from onlookers . Subtlety and elegance are always

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rain-rain, don't go away!

       Unlike most of us, I am a rain person. I enjoy those gloomy, somber days that are soaked in grayscale. Especially if it makes summer heat go down a level. Again and again , I am not quite a hot weather person unless I am at the beach all day long, doing absolutely nothing, haha. Wouldn't it be a perfect paradise? 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ultra sun-soaked.

Summer finally turned itself full-mode! Which presumes unbearable heat and lack of clothing coverage nationwide. You cannot deny summer greatness and tones of joyful experiences it brings in our lives. I am not a hot-and-humid summer person though. I can barely stand that utmost heat,

Fiery temper versatile coat for cold summer days.

Yes, you read it right - COLD summer days. Not that I am against chilly kind of weather, on the contrary, that is a supremely right sort of condition for me. I enjoy chilly days no matter in which season we have to face it.
 My outfit, on the other hand, came out to be bursting with warmth and elegance. Red is a very strong and powerful color. Combined with monochrome color(s) it creates a Conquerer-the-World concept.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chunky furs

The minute my eyes fell on this old but infinitely well-maintained fur jacket I fell for it.
Besides its main purpose of keeping you toasty and comfortable it is immensely versatile and classy. It evokes timeless chic and meticulous garment artistry. These chunky knit