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Friday, March 11, 2016

Lux and Textures

"Melt in luxurious textures, join the irreverent side and indulge!" - was the moto for this shabby leather-couch micro photoshoot.
Jewel-hued velvet, camel suede and dark chocolate leather are the core. Forget the mess and polish off the best Champagne bottle You have, because You are gorge! Bravely adventurous, seriously lighthearted and truly You! This is not about luxury (or fake luxury) it is about feeling the moment that conveys the essence of real beauty, no artificial additives! Beauty who likes to indulge.
Decadence and indulgence are fun when taken in the "wrong" doze. So take it at your own risk.

Spring into Florals.

         We are into spring, my friends! It has been a long winter of warm days anticipation. It is the time of the year when everything is transitioning - the trees' crowns come back to live, the grass gets lusher with every day, us girls get inspired to start the slim-down-for-summer routine and the sweaters little by little are being put away for the cozier moments. 
         Every season has its sartorial advantages. In winter you nail the art of layering, in spring you learn how to incorporate breezy pastels, in summer you show more leg and don't spend any time on dressing, in fall you look brilliant in those summer sandals paired with stockings. My favorite aspect will always be layering! That brings me to the prime idea of the post right now - let's layer up one last time!! It has been a couple months since I haven't worn a light spaghetti strap summer dress ( winter frost and all that ) and I really wanted to get out of thick textures of winter wardrobe. It wasn't warm enough yet so I wore a preppy Ralph Lauren shirt in mint under this whimsical vintage dress. It is really easy but innovative way to go if you heart runs an extra mile for warmer days. 
Wanna steal my look? Look below!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Office-wear invasion. Or how badly I want an office job.

            Back in the days I remember myself as a vivid incarnation of formal-wear anti-enthusiast. I refused to wear office-appropriate attires, but I worked in the office before graduating college. Blouses, white starched shirts, blazers and more frightening - suit pants, the ugliest sartorial invention - all those wardrobe staples I am leaning on now, were the most hideous things ever 5-6 years ago.
I cannot believe how my preferences and tastes transformed since then. I went from a rebellious youngster to a woman that loves it all! I never feel more creative than when I am attempting to build a perfect outfit, pairing items than may clash at the first sight, venturing into different styles, experimenting with colors I didn't dare to put on before. And with a grand plethora of runaway shows, fashion campaigns that I am consistently perusing , it is really hard not fall under the impact of style forecasters. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How t.A.T.u obsession still runs my DNA.

t.A.T.u performing in Switzerland
         As of lately I have been listening to t.A.T.u on repeat over and over again, more than I usually do. So a brilliant idea occurred to me - to write about the girls duo that flipped my growing-up upside down.  A little background for those who happen to be out of the loop, t.A.T.u was formed in 1999, bringing into the limelight two fresh-faced rebels, Yulia and Lena, who created a huge deal and massive controversy, that rapidly roared throughout Russia and Europe. That venture didn't blaze and fade away like a host of aspiring musical projects being created to amaze, but destined to fail. Despite enormous contradiction to russian culture back then , t.A.T.u nailed it like nobody did since then, attracting tones of admirers and followers in the USA , eventually getting signed up with an american label and exploding the streets of London with a very effective move - a vast throng of girls wearing skimpy school girl uniforms, leading by Yulia and Lena.
        I was 11 when the duo's fast paced development took place. My mom bought me a 200km/h in the wrong lane CD with a sensational kiss captured on the cover. And even though my mom is quite strict and old-fashioned, she didn't see any bad impact or possible harm it could bring. Besides, I was obviously too thrilled about the hidden "stash" of song lyrics in english that were inside, so two naughty girls making out didn't repel my mom in any way.
Going further with my story, I rewatched a bunch of t.A.T.u's top music videos and live performances to give it a logical conclusion - since my blog is mostly about fashion and style, I created a couple of inspirational outfit collages, channeling the most remarkable t.A.T.u's outfits of all the time. And maybe, just maybe you will find one or two for yourself, because no matter what is on trend now, these outfits defy time and fads.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Play like Beckham - dress like Beckham!

Photo Credit: H&M

       More than just "incredibly successful, world-renowned soccer player" and a "sex symbol",  David Beckham, whom I would refer to as a "role model" ( even though I am a woman ), whose tenacity, determination and hard work brought him where he is now, collaborated with H&M to curate the key staples not just for the season but for the general must-have factor. Modern Essentials is a supremely inspiring guide to contemporary man chic, that cares for comfort and utility just as much as style.   
I may not be the perfect menswear expert, but I do appreciate a tasteful, masculine elegance, expressed not just in style, but in the motion and charisma to emphasize it. And besides, the world of fashion has been deeply involved in menswear as never before, adding a good bit of 
comme-des-garçones effect to womenswear - so it is hard not to notice how the idea of manfulness was elevated and be a part of it, sporting the suit ensembles and loafers like I was born in it.
You do not have to thoughtlessly change your wardrobe and style, but if you are a guy who doesn't think that close-fitting suit pants and body-skimming tees are "gay", then you should at least give some of the pieces a try!
Oh and by the way, if you haven't checked out the film featuring David Beckham's campaign with Kevin Hart's gloriously humorous foray yet, make sure to do that right here.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coach Swagger. Not your regular swag.

One of  the most coveted objects of the season created by Coach - the  Swagger . It is about texture and structure that refine your style. Patchwork, that was taken to a dramatically different level, exquisite deep shades and versatility. On your shoulder, across your body, in your hand - this object will become as personal and close as feelings and needs. Find the one (or more) for yourself at

Photo credit :

You've cat to be kitten me right MEOW!

      That is probably not a news that  cats  have been taking over the internet and our lives on the massive scalability. Not to mention the influence they had on fashion. Designers and clothes labels embarked on evolving this idea and have been nailing it till this particular moment.
How can you not adore these little fluffy, cozy-looking fur balls that bring so much warmth and comfort with their presence. 
        Personally I am a big time cat person. BIG TIME! Fortunately for me my house is not full of cats ( maybe one day, when I have a mansion, haha, but still am happily married! ) and I only have one kitty, who, as ordinary as it may sound nowadays, owns me. She reckons I am the person she gives a place to stay and be happy. But despite the attitude and subversive motives that this little yarn ball has, I am abnormally obsessed with her! I am sure there is a grand number of people that share my gratuitous obsession.
         You can find pretty much an object on the market that reflects this feline craziness, from decor elements to furniture, from a coin pouch and a miniature ring to an elegant designer minaudière and cat face strewn dress.

   And here you can see my wish-list, featuring "Cats' invasion" objects!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cherished by Autumn.

Refine your fall wardroom with these vibrant staple pieces!

 It's about color, creativity and your audaciousness! Put on some vibrancy and rock your way to the top of Most Admired List!
This fall is time for your show!
Click read more for more ideas and inspirational fall palette outfits.
          "This fall is going to be awesome!" - I thought when we hit september. With this idea in my mind I got a little bit creative and carved out a couple of gorgeous outfits, that I would love to rock this fall.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My secret garden.

          Back in the days I dabbled in stage performance activity, but never pursued it as a career. In this photoshoot I give a go to the revival of my acting skills that had been forgotten and overlooked for years. It is still a heck of an effort to imitate feelings and emotions on the picture even though it is not a movie-making process where a pro-level live acting is the center.

Milan Fashion Week street style I adore the most.

Photo credit :
I flipped through day 5 of MFW pics. And this tote and patched embroidered jeans for me really stoked on 'em!

On the edge of subtlety and power.

           Fall always inspires me in all the senses of the word. It evokes a crazy rush of ideas that flood my head, including outfit ideas. Since it is considered to be an early fall ( even though we just stepped into october ) you can proceed easy transitions from summer wardrobe to fall by wearing tanks and breathable fabrics and layering it up with more textured items. It is like a mini extension of summer (well, I know that northwestern part of USA cannot really agree with me on dressing methods right now).

Object of desire from Balmain Spring 2016.

Photo credit :
Everything about this garment - seductive dress opening, fiery orange , teal highlight and the tailoring makes me wanna live in it.

Getting seriously creative or how denim inspires me for it.

        I like getting creative in a lot of things. I thought that artful amalgamation of shapes and photo effects would be an incredible great idea. But the center of that is me. Or the way I am. One night not too long ago my boyfriend and I went for a walk with his dog and I randomly asked him to snap a couple of pics of me rocking my new boyfriend jeans. I was just fooling around, playing with a pup, dancing and laughing a lot.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jeans from am to pm.

 A lot of times I am so prone to put on some jeans instead of trying to figure out what to wear. But then I am facing another problem - what to wear it with?! Since the concept of jeans has lately been taken to a different level, it is much easier to look stunning, embracing comfort with a pair of sneakers and a tee and just go pull-it-on-and-go approach.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hosiery + Heels.

Who said it's time to put your summer heels and sandals away. 
Embrace cozy chic wearing them with socks or stockings.

SKORTin' around. Skort+bright kicks look.

        First of all, a portmanteau word "short" came from 60s when women began playing golf.  Freedom of movement and comfort were the main priorities of that piece of garment, but it had to resemble something undoubtedly feminine. That is how the idea of a skort was born. Later on tennis players joined the club and till today they are channeling this incredibly sexy and comfortable piece of clothing. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Accessories - the guards of style.

           I love strong-accent accessories for its unexplainable power to reign the outfit. It helps you to take a step-up without even moving. Modern designs, sleek finishes and textures are the backbone of perfect accessorizing. I will never get tired of saying that it is all about details! They either upgrade your outfit or helps to downshift it a notch when there may be an overkill. Accessories are a style generator.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Patterns collision.

             Here is one of the incarnations of pattern mix trend, that I pulled off not too long ago. Both plaid shirt and a top correspond to the same color scheme which makes it matching and superbly cute!
Not to mention, jean shorts served as a perfect mate for this playful and vibrant patterned pair and ensured focus on legs. There is nothing better than an outfit neatly matched

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Futuristic minimalism.

One of Elie Top's flawlessly irresistible inventions. Complex minimalist speaks volumes and refines your neckline!

Photo credit :