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Friday, March 11, 2016

Upgrade Your Chevron Rug.

If you fell under the roaring impact of chevron home accessories back a couple of years ago and you still love that pale grey (pastel blue, slate grey, etc) rug of yours, but want to change something around it to bring a new fresh look, then I am here to share one of the ideas ( one at a time-one at a time)
-First of all, grey and yellow are like sour and sweet -go together well, we know that. So leave that yellow sofa or other seating objects there and let's go:
1.ADD COLOR. Broaden your color spectrum by introducing an orange shade accent wall( like tangerine, red ochre, terra-cotta) but just one wall - leave the rest of the room relatively neutral.
2.ADD METAL.That is where things get interesting! Introduce industrial bookcase and a couple of metal accessories.
3.WOOD. Rustic chunky wood or mid-century modern coffee table will be the focal point.
4.ART. Incorporate contemporary modern art.You can never go wrong with geometric shapes and contemporary posters.

VOILÀ, it is ready! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello, Friday!

Friday or any other day make no difference to me, because I am celebrating life and beauty everyday! Here is a capture of my morning and inspirational object arrangement earlier today. Enjoy every moment, every day like I do, beauties!

                                                                Kisses, Julia.

What's your color?

          We rush through our lives, striving for success and peace of mind. We struggle, endeavor , rise and fall. It's life. Every feeling, life aspect, personality - not just an object - has a color. It is vital to define yours. Don't blend in, be a colorblock - reflect other colors, personalities, ambiances with a positive outcome. If you haven't found your "color" yet, take your time. The search process is fun.  
          The moral of this occasional and spontaneous reasoning of mine is the importance of being true to yourself and thrive in what you love doing.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dior Cruise 2016 show in Pierre Cardin's Palais Bulle.

Unreally real and incredibly luxurious location that coordinates to Dior. 
Photo credit :

Friday, September 18, 2015

Horizontal parallels.

                  Architectural marvels that have an enduring effect of visual pleasure on me.

Shabby chic.

             Original , not upgraded shabby chic house I discovered in a little one of North Carolina.

Color and organizational skills.

Vibrant coffee table set-up that a lot of times serves as a breakfast-intake station. It is consistently covered with magazines and candles. 

Red brick classics.

Old red brick buildings enchant me all over the world.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Geometrical light pendant.

Complex but so simple and full of function.

Modern Scandinavian interior idea.

     Clear surface and precise lines garnished with a good taste.