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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Strange Heights Creative Lab.

Please, welcome the launch of 

STRANGE HEIGHTS Creative Lab is a home-based studio where beautiful bespoke creations are born. The artistic process is well-defined by the plethora of activities involved from jewelry mastery and color play art to graphic and interior design.

With the New Year comes the end of struggle to decide which ONE of my hobbies gets all the limelight. In other words, I can't simply give up on everything I have an irrevocably grand zeal for and concentrate on only one, ONLY ONE creative side of mine. 
So instead of being a meticulously rigorous minimalist, I am embarking on being a vigorous maximalist and embrace it all!

Let me introduce You to the vivacious ambiance of my Creative Studio and how things transform into objects.
A sneak peak into a jewelry-crafting process for the upcoming Coastal-inspired collection. 
For those who'd rather be lying on warm sand of the tropical beach than being stuck in the cold city.

The incarnation of things-go-objects statement. Ever thought of repurposing the candle lids as coasters? 
That is what you gonna have under the tea/coffee cup in my studio.

Simplistic plain tees get a geometric treatment and bedazzlement at the realm of bespoke craftmanship.

There are new entries for a swift on-the-go check daily:
  Word of the Day and Object of the day.
WOTD is to highlight my passion for linguistics and knowledge.
 OOTD is not your typical outfit post, it is a different something that embodies clean esthetics and flair, be it an art piece or a laudable dress.

Check back soon. More great insights coming!