Friday, March 11, 2016

Upgrade Your Chevron Rug.

If you fell under the roaring impact of chevron home accessories back a couple of years ago and you still love that pale grey (pastel blue, slate grey, etc) rug of yours, but want to change something around it to bring a new fresh look, then I am here to share one of the ideas ( one at a time-one at a time)
-First of all, grey and yellow are like sour and sweet -go together well, we know that. So leave that yellow sofa or other seating objects there and let's go:
1.ADD COLOR. Broaden your color spectrum by introducing an orange shade accent wall( like tangerine, red ochre, terra-cotta) but just one wall - leave the rest of the room relatively neutral.
2.ADD METAL.That is where things get interesting! Introduce industrial bookcase and a couple of metal accessories.
3.WOOD. Rustic chunky wood or mid-century modern coffee table will be the focal point.
4.ART. Incorporate contemporary modern art.You can never go wrong with geometric shapes and contemporary posters.

VOILÀ, it is ready! 

Lux and Textures

"Melt in luxurious textures, join the irreverent side and indulge!" - was the moto for this shabby leather-couch micro photoshoot.
Jewel-hued velvet, camel suede and dark chocolate leather are the core. Forget the mess and polish off the best Champagne bottle You have, because You are gorge! Bravely adventurous, seriously lighthearted and truly You! This is not about luxury (or fake luxury) it is about feeling the moment that conveys the essence of real beauty, no artificial additives! Beauty who likes to indulge.
Decadence and indulgence are fun when taken in the "wrong" doze. So take it at your own risk.

Spring into Florals.

         We are into spring, my friends! It has been a long winter of warm days anticipation. It is the time of the year when everything is transitioning - the trees' crowns come back to live, the grass gets lusher with every day, us girls get inspired to start the slim-down-for-summer routine and the sweaters little by little are being put away for the cozier moments. 
         Every season has its sartorial advantages. In winter you nail the art of layering, in spring you learn how to incorporate breezy pastels, in summer you show more leg and don't spend any time on dressing, in fall you look brilliant in those summer sandals paired with stockings. My favorite aspect will always be layering! That brings me to the prime idea of the post right now - let's layer up one last time!! It has been a couple months since I haven't worn a light spaghetti strap summer dress ( winter frost and all that ) and I really wanted to get out of thick textures of winter wardrobe. It wasn't warm enough yet so I wore a preppy Ralph Lauren shirt in mint under this whimsical vintage dress. It is really easy but innovative way to go if you heart runs an extra mile for warmer days. 
Wanna steal my look? Look below!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello, Friday!

Friday or any other day make no difference to me, because I am celebrating life and beauty everyday! Here is a capture of my morning and inspirational object arrangement earlier today. Enjoy every moment, every day like I do, beauties!

                                                                Kisses, Julia.

My Levi's love story.

         I tend to gravitate towards everything-timeless factor. Something that will never lose its value, like good ol' Levi's. Something goes out of style , something comes back, something never leaves. The legendary quality, comfort and laid-back chic of Levi's jeans are this "something that stays" to me and to everybody who ever experienced its substantial power.  I am celebrating its staying power every time I 'em pull on for any occasion. Besides, with nowadays Fashion and Style reformation you may as well wear it for your Valentine's Day date and be the chic showstopper. Here , I am demonstrating two of my most favorite Levi's denim pants (boyfriend and subtle flair) in the series of selfies, that I paired together and put them through a little editing process to denote not just the inner fashionista but creative mind of myself.  Happy Friday!

                                                                Kisses, Julia.

Fremont memories.

         It was a really-really rainy day in Seattle. Or should I rephrase it like  - It was a normal day in Seattle? That sounds about right.  However, I happened to love Seattle in its every state or mood so it doesn't matter wether it rains or the sun blesses the city, I want to be there right now, striding down the streets of Fremont district, snapping cool-looking old buildings-turned-coffeeshops or -gift stores and being on a hunt for inspo. Even though at this particular moment I am under the lavishing late February sunshine I would love to go back to this rain-soaked day full of vigorous gifts search and intense coffee drinking. But I learnt not to go back, I learnt to go forward - only forward. I preserve my memories and create new ones all the time. There is no time for monotonous lifestyle, but all the chances in the world for diversity! That is what I am sticking to.
                                                                     Kisses, Julia

What's your color?

          We rush through our lives, striving for success and peace of mind. We struggle, endeavor , rise and fall. It's life. Every feeling, life aspect, personality - not just an object - has a color. It is vital to define yours. Don't blend in, be a colorblock - reflect other colors, personalities, ambiances with a positive outcome. If you haven't found your "color" yet, take your time. The search process is fun.  
          The moral of this occasional and spontaneous reasoning of mine is the importance of being true to yourself and thrive in what you love doing.