Monday, September 28, 2015

SKORTin' around. Skort+bright kicks look.

        First of all, a portmanteau word "short" came from 60s when women began playing golf.  Freedom of movement and comfort were the main priorities of that piece of garment, but it had to resemble something undoubtedly feminine. That is how the idea of a skort was born. Later on tennis players joined the club and till today they are channeling this incredibly sexy and comfortable piece of clothing. 

            I personally own two pairs of tennis skorts, but I didn't dare wearing it as my coffee shop or go-out outfit until it was reimagined and embellished and launched in leading brand stores as a staple. That is when I embraced this effortless take on sport with a chic undertone. It is surprisingly versatile, as in you can wear it in the office, pairing it with a blouse and a pair of pumps, or channel its original utilization when you have a dresser's block and don't know what to wear , opting for sneakers and a sweatshirt. Simple basics are great but add some color to take a step up and look like fashion is your profession. Enough talking, here are some outfit ideas to channel the skort+bright kicks look. It is an easy fall outfit transition since the sweater weather has descended upon us finally. Even though here in Charlotte it's mostly in the evenings for now, the principle remains the same. 

Pin-striped office-suitable Choies skort + chunky sweater + blue accented Golden Goose sneakers.
A perfect go-to trio when you can't decide on the outfit.

In a mood for vibrancy ? Add fuchsia and yellow. Never can go wrong with a piece injected with color. Just one is enough for a daring maximum effect outfit.

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