Thursday, October 1, 2015

On the edge of subtlety and power.

           Fall always inspires me in all the senses of the word. It evokes a crazy rush of ideas that flood my head, including outfit ideas. Since it is considered to be an early fall ( even though we just stepped into october ) you can proceed easy transitions from summer wardrobe to fall by wearing tanks and breathable fabrics and layering it up with more textured items. It is like a mini extension of summer (well, I know that northwestern part of USA cannot really agree with me on dressing methods right now).

           Thanks to the subtle drop in temperature, I am able to opt for long sleeve "constructions" and thicker textures. In pastels! I love sweet sugar macaroon shades. I think it is enormously powerful color level even though it's tinted and faint according to the color wheel, but step outside the color theory - it's a strong and influencing. It emphasizes a feminine side, hence the pastel pant suit or a dress you wore today most likely got a lot of people instantly struck while you were grabbing your morning coffee and just swaying down the street. Believe it or not it arrises more admiration that vividly screaming red ultra-mini bodycon. Oh, and did I mention the length ?  Classic midi or almost-midi mini in pastel is your weapon of mass attraction. It makes the whole look alluringly beautiful and sublimely feminine.
          I embraced femininity by wearing this sophisticated silk vintage Hana Sung skirt with free-flowing backless Charlotte Russe shirt, cinched my waist a little bit for a more hourglass-looking silhouette and spike it up with the necklace I designed myself. I kept my eye make-up subdued but turn it up with vivid purple Stila lipstick. Combining timeless classics with modern is most fun ever when making an outfit. You are always on the edge of overkill if you miscalculate the right "portion" of each style.

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