Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jeans from am to pm.

 A lot of times I am so prone to put on some jeans instead of trying to figure out what to wear. But then I am facing another problem - what to wear it with?! Since the concept of jeans has lately been taken to a different level, it is much easier to look stunning, embracing comfort with a pair of sneakers and a tee and just go pull-it-on-and-go approach.
If you want to add a little bit more of a game to your laid-back jeans-and-tee outfit , make sure to wear a t-shirt with a print.I wore the one that said "Coffee Keeps me awake". Even though this statement is not true in my case, because I drink strong coffee before bedtime and astonishingly sleep like a baby. That's what happens when you think you are perennially caffeinated - you stop feeling its effect i.e. you are a coffee freak! ( So true that it doesn't even surprise me anymore, hah )
I wore:

Jeans : Topshop

Shirt: Love 

Sneakers: Saucony Jazz 

            Here I put a couple of outfits using the formula I applied to my casual day of reading outdoors. I wanted to stay comfy but still be able to catch a drink with a friend afterwards and look neat.

 Embrace simplicity in three easy steps - start with effortlessly cool pair of girlfriend jeans, like these ones by MIH, add a printed white tee , finish with bright superb sneakers like these teal New Balances.
Or add make it color-blocking with intense red kicks from Nikes.
The sweatshirt is by Mango and jeans by Topshop.

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