Sunday, October 11, 2015

You've cat to be kitten me right MEOW!

      That is probably not a news that  cats  have been taking over the internet and our lives on the massive scalability. Not to mention the influence they had on fashion. Designers and clothes labels embarked on evolving this idea and have been nailing it till this particular moment.
How can you not adore these little fluffy, cozy-looking fur balls that bring so much warmth and comfort with their presence. 
        Personally I am a big time cat person. BIG TIME! Fortunately for me my house is not full of cats ( maybe one day, when I have a mansion, haha, but still am happily married! ) and I only have one kitty, who, as ordinary as it may sound nowadays, owns me. She reckons I am the person she gives a place to stay and be happy. But despite the attitude and subversive motives that this little yarn ball has, I am abnormally obsessed with her! I am sure there is a grand number of people that share my gratuitous obsession.
         You can find pretty much an object on the market that reflects this feline craziness, from decor elements to furniture, from a coin pouch and a miniature ring to an elegant designer minaudière and cat face strewn dress.

   And here you can see my wish-list, featuring "Cats' invasion" objects!

      Feel like decorating your house in more CATspirational way? Voilà!

 Due to the grand impact cats have on the world and particularly on me I rounded up several cute , style-packed and cat-obsession-injected outfits. 
Spice up the trend-of-season culottes and a slim-fit blazed ensemble with red hot loafers and a clutch with happy cat faces!

Not a risky bright colors kind of gal? Complement your monochromatic look with matching tones accessories like this Dolls Kill backpack and embroidered Brian Lichtenberg beanie.

For those who can't , ABSOLUTELY CAN'T hide passion for the purring population of the planet go cat-face splattered approach on both pieces of your ensemble or a dress. 
Oh and owing at least one cat coffee mug is a must! Got it?

Revolutionize your 70's look by pairing high-waisted flares with a shirt and shoes cat combo. Grab a couple of accessories with a cool modern kitty graphics.

Dark and bold or oh-so-sweet pink?
Practically any skirt on this planet would go great with a statement cat shirt!

A ride on the wild side with Stella McCartney's standout designs.

A crash-course of how to wear cat obsession on your sleeve is complete! Have fun experimenting!

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