Thursday, September 24, 2015

Accessories - the guards of style.

           I love strong-accent accessories for its unexplainable power to reign the outfit. It helps you to take a step-up without even moving. Modern designs, sleek finishes and textures are the backbone of perfect accessorizing. I will never get tired of saying that it is all about details! They either upgrade your outfit or helps to downshift it a notch when there may be an overkill. Accessories are a style generator.
Clever and strategic choice of it is your faithful and trusted advisor in building a perfect outfit.
My trusted advisors this time happened to be these stunning chain-decorated ankle-strap Banana Republic pumps and this classy dainty Anne Klein cross-over.
This ethnic embroidery skort (skirt+shorts) could be taken in a different direction if it wasn't for the luxe  accessory selection that have a fresh take on modern and streamlined. My outfit could pass not just for an office wear but also for an off-duty sunset-cocktails ensemble ( which is not really an ensemble but you can't argue with its harmony ). Here is where another advantage is born - versatility. It is important since not each of us has more than just one room for a closet.
And the final note is, this tiny , almost unnoticeable signature lock,gold chain and gold zippers are on duty from second one - that is where the tittle of the post came from. And once again - it is all about details!

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