Friday, October 16, 2015

Office-wear invasion. Or how badly I want an office job.

            Back in the days I remember myself as a vivid incarnation of formal-wear anti-enthusiast. I refused to wear office-appropriate attires, but I worked in the office before graduating college. Blouses, white starched shirts, blazers and more frightening - suit pants, the ugliest sartorial invention - all those wardrobe staples I am leaning on now, were the most hideous things ever 5-6 years ago.
I cannot believe how my preferences and tastes transformed since then. I went from a rebellious youngster to a woman that loves it all! I never feel more creative than when I am attempting to build a perfect outfit, pairing items than may clash at the first sight, venturing into different styles, experimenting with colors I didn't dare to put on before. And with a grand plethora of runaway shows, fashion campaigns that I am consistently perusing , it is really hard not fall under the impact of style forecasters. 

That is how my gravitation towards suit ensembles and formal wear was initiated. Especially the new silhouettes and cuts that pop up and make you review your entire wardrobe ( I don't remember the last time I wore skinny jeans, because boyfriend denim and bell-bottoms are my new jam! ). And now I am obsessing tremendously over wide-leg pants! And the best part about this whole deal with revolutionary fashion metamorphosis is that its purpose has been reestablished , it versatility boundaries have been pushed, comfort and durability have been one of the prime targets. Therefore, it is utterly easy to transition from office to off-duty, it is MORE than acceptable to sport your best cocktail dress with you New Balances or Stella McCartney for Adidas sneaks and more than that you can show up at your work wearing shades you thought you'd never be able to pull off. And no one will write you up, on the country - you will be the head-turning factor, collecting compliments like it's your hobby.

          Here is a perfect example of how I thrive on looking professionally stylish, rocking the heigh-waisted, wide-leg pant from Monki, black suede pumps from Banana Republic and, a core-breaking item, a sheer tank! A couple of years ago a rather revealing top would not be allowed in an office, but nowadays the only rule is to interpret it the right way - to approach the classy side of it.
          As we can witness , I enjoy channeling office-appriate chic, anchoring it with a personal touch. The only problem here is that I desperately need a workplace where I can demonstrate my style bent and pursue my dream career. But the time will show. I am extremely patient and wildly determined! Roar!!!

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