Thursday, October 15, 2015

How t.A.T.u obsession still runs my DNA.

t.A.T.u performing in Switzerland
         As of lately I have been listening to t.A.T.u on repeat over and over again, more than I usually do. So a brilliant idea occurred to me - to write about the girls duo that flipped my growing-up upside down.  A little background for those who happen to be out of the loop, t.A.T.u was formed in 1999, bringing into the limelight two fresh-faced rebels, Yulia and Lena, who created a huge deal and massive controversy, that rapidly roared throughout Russia and Europe. That venture didn't blaze and fade away like a host of aspiring musical projects being created to amaze, but destined to fail. Despite enormous contradiction to russian culture back then , t.A.T.u nailed it like nobody did since then, attracting tones of admirers and followers in the USA , eventually getting signed up with an american label and exploding the streets of London with a very effective move - a vast throng of girls wearing skimpy school girl uniforms, leading by Yulia and Lena.
        I was 11 when the duo's fast paced development took place. My mom bought me a 200km/h in the wrong lane CD with a sensational kiss captured on the cover. And even though my mom is quite strict and old-fashioned, she didn't see any bad impact or possible harm it could bring. Besides, I was obviously too thrilled about the hidden "stash" of song lyrics in english that were inside, so two naughty girls making out didn't repel my mom in any way.
Going further with my story, I rewatched a bunch of t.A.T.u's top music videos and live performances to give it a logical conclusion - since my blog is mostly about fashion and style, I created a couple of inspirational outfit collages, channeling the most remarkable t.A.T.u's outfits of all the time. And maybe, just maybe you will find one or two for yourself, because no matter what is on trend now, these outfits defy time and fads.

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