Monday, October 12, 2015

Play like Beckham - dress like Beckham!

Photo Credit: H&M

       More than just "incredibly successful, world-renowned soccer player" and a "sex symbol",  David Beckham, whom I would refer to as a "role model" ( even though I am a woman ), whose tenacity, determination and hard work brought him where he is now, collaborated with H&M to curate the key staples not just for the season but for the general must-have factor. Modern Essentials is a supremely inspiring guide to contemporary man chic, that cares for comfort and utility just as much as style.   
I may not be the perfect menswear expert, but I do appreciate a tasteful, masculine elegance, expressed not just in style, but in the motion and charisma to emphasize it. And besides, the world of fashion has been deeply involved in menswear as never before, adding a good bit of 
comme-des-garçones effect to womenswear - so it is hard not to notice how the idea of manfulness was elevated and be a part of it, sporting the suit ensembles and loafers like I was born in it.
You do not have to thoughtlessly change your wardrobe and style, but if you are a guy who doesn't think that close-fitting suit pants and body-skimming tees are "gay", then you should at least give some of the pieces a try!
Oh and by the way, if you haven't checked out the film featuring David Beckham's campaign with Kevin Hart's gloriously humorous foray yet, make sure to do that right here.

I also want to note that the insightful opinions and the feedback from my side (as a woman who likes her man stylish) is given to every "Modern Essential".

1). The tailored blazer. It's timeless and on-trend at the same time. Wear it with everything except for   
 your pajamas or sweatpants. Seriously.
Photo Credit:H&M

2). The graphic striped sweater. Risk-free essential that is worth trying, one - because it's freakin' cold , two - you want to look 100% in case your destiny happens to jam into you (or FOR your "destiny" that you wake up with everyday. Gotta impress her no matter what)
Photo Credit:H&M

3).The Plaid shirt. A good way to downshift that afore mentioned close-fitting blazer and an effortless step into the weekend casualty. Not a weekend dress-up person? Sport your plaid with jeans and sneakers. Either way you win.
Photo Credit:H&M

4). The Bomber jacket. Look robustly badass, catching up with fast and furious lifestyle pace. 
Weaker sex's opinion: A strong style finish with a smart twist!
Photo Credit:H&M

5). The sweatshirt. It is casual and comfortable. A universal menswear item. Great with a blazer - great without it. A guy in the right fit sweatshirt - is an eye candy. Take my word for it.
Photo Credit: H&M

6). The Long coat. I left my favorite one for the last. In my opinion, a man wearing a coat, that is neatly matching with the rest of the garments is a real-deal stud. A good tailored coat is a smart and sexy style highlight. Wether you wear it with sneakers or lace-ups it will never betray you. 
David is a true English man who appreciates a streamlined classic coat. So give it a try, for sure!
Photo Credit: H&M

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