Sunday, September 20, 2015

Patterns collision.

             Here is one of the incarnations of pattern mix trend, that I pulled off not too long ago. Both plaid shirt and a top correspond to the same color scheme which makes it matching and superbly cute!
Not to mention, jean shorts served as a perfect mate for this playful and vibrant patterned pair and ensured focus on legs. There is nothing better than an outfit neatly matched
and sublimely flattering when it comes the whole concept of personal style. I wrapped the plaid shirt around my hips instead of layering it with the striped tee for the stronger effect of slouchy esthetics - which instead of dressing it down , amped it up. The next endeavor to pull the hip-wrapping phenomenon off sleekly and elegantly will be a midi-skirt or a tailored close-fitting jumpsuit. Or something else that I may find unexpectedly appropriate for it. You never know until you try it on !

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