Thursday, October 1, 2015

My secret garden.

          Back in the days I dabbled in stage performance activity, but never pursued it as a career. In this photoshoot I give a go to the revival of my acting skills that had been forgotten and overlooked for years. It is still a heck of an effort to imitate feelings and emotions on the picture even though it is not a movie-making process where a pro-level live acting is the center.

          I exploited my mr.Right's patience and outstanding, as it turned out, photographic skills and attempted to channel a lonely but success-driven character. This character is a girl who haven't been spoiled or raised in luxury, but has a strong sense of decadence and self-enjoyment. She is lonely, but is not looking for a company or admiration of the crowd. She's lost, but has a lined-up and precise vision on where she needs to be. She is like Alice in the Wonder world, but there is no magic, it is all reality.
          As of recent , I find this photo-artsy way of posting about my outfits a better approach to fashion blogging. I feel like there should be something more about showing what you are wearing and how much money you've spent on that. There should something creative and personality-disclosing. Something that would catch an eye not for the pretty face or expensive posh heels, but for the game , for mood and enthusiasm, for something that is seen between the lines.
          So I am attempting to nail and elevate this approach. Please let me know what you think. Feedback is a way to succeeding!

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