Sunday, September 20, 2015

Catchy bathroom Art.

          More and more often I spot a lot of worthy Art on the walls of …public bathrooms. I don't know wether the main intention is to make people realize, that, if they don't swap laziness for creativity or simply don't change something in their lives , it will go to crap, or to just make the space a better looking place, but it is working! It really does have a positive
impact on me. And I am sure there is a multitude of people feeling the same. I am embarking on capturing every bathroom art I find interesting or inspiring, because I believe there is more to it than just a pretty image on the wall.
          Some may say "Go to the Gallery to enjoy Art , not a bathroom". I will somehow disagree. It is a different level of perception, though I do love going to Art Galleries. That is where you intentionally come to enrich your esthetics and draw some inspiration. But in the places like, ohm … lavatory you don't really see that coming. Its unexpected. Call me a weirdo, but I see more than just a line of framed posters on that wall.

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