Sunday, July 26, 2015

July , 4 yums and funs.

July 4 is a Big BIG day for USA, a country I've been proudly living in. I know this day brings lots of fun, homemade food, celebration of freedom and independence and boozing up, yep. Haha.
Well, I decided to start this day from making these fancy July, 4 looking toasts for my work family. It was an easy fix, suitable for every day of you life, cuz it is not just a celebrating , bright and delicious start of the day. It is also healthy and nutritiously rich -  whole grain bread, cream cheese, blueberries, strawberries, bananas. It is like a rainbow of vitamins, a formula for a
full of energy and health day.
Well , I may be exaggerating , a toast definitely will not bring you all this well-being in the world, but it is one step closer to it. Health is like a puzzle, there are several particles of it, that comprises of vitamins intake, healthy diet and active life.

And, certainly, you can't go without fun on this glorious day! 
And a cake!
Happy Fourth, America! <3

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