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Friday, March 11, 2016

Upgrade Your Chevron Rug.

If you fell under the roaring impact of chevron home accessories back a couple of years ago and you still love that pale grey (pastel blue, slate grey, etc) rug of yours, but want to change something around it to bring a new fresh look, then I am here to share one of the ideas ( one at a time-one at a time)
-First of all, grey and yellow are like sour and sweet -go together well, we know that. So leave that yellow sofa or other seating objects there and let's go:
1.ADD COLOR. Broaden your color spectrum by introducing an orange shade accent wall( like tangerine, red ochre, terra-cotta) but just one wall - leave the rest of the room relatively neutral.
2.ADD METAL.That is where things get interesting! Introduce industrial bookcase and a couple of metal accessories.
3.WOOD. Rustic chunky wood or mid-century modern coffee table will be the focal point.
4.ART. Incorporate contemporary modern art.You can never go wrong with geometric shapes and contemporary posters.

VOILÀ, it is ready!