Friday, February 19, 2016

Fremont memories.

         It was a really-really rainy day in Seattle. Or should I rephrase it like  - It was a normal day in Seattle? That sounds about right.  However, I happened to love Seattle in its every state or mood so it doesn't matter wether it rains or the sun blesses the city, I want to be there right now, striding down the streets of Fremont district, snapping cool-looking old buildings-turned-coffeeshops or -gift stores and being on a hunt for inspo. Even though at this particular moment I am under the lavishing late February sunshine I would love to go back to this rain-soaked day full of vigorous gifts search and intense coffee drinking. But I learnt not to go back, I learnt to go forward - only forward. I preserve my memories and create new ones all the time. There is no time for monotonous lifestyle, but all the chances in the world for diversity! That is what I am sticking to.
                                                                     Kisses, Julia

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