Friday, February 19, 2016

Rough times for coffee table decor

                           When you invite friends , your coffee table turns into an irreverent photo art.

Friday, January 8, 2016

I need this OOTD

                                Louis Vuitton work desk in a travel chest?! Yes, please!

Bright word of the day.


It's been really gloomy today. We need some sun. Some happiness generator. Vivaciousness! Do you feel vivacious yet?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Object: Richard Sapper for Alessi tea kettle.

Image credit:

          This tea kettle is not your usual tea-time starter. First of all, it is equipped with a multifunctional design and durability. Second of all, it was designed by a master in his field, that unfortunately recently deceased, Richard Sapper, so it means there is a unique element to it. Yes, you've spotted right, there are two whistles instead of one! This means your five o'clock starts with a harmonic tune produced due to the water boiling. 
The OOTD is more of a tribute to the great designer other than a stimuli-inducer for buying.

Word of the Day

The reason why I chose this word for the first Word of the Day ever is because that is how I feel right now. Full of verve, full of enthusiasm for the beginning of the project. No matter how difficult the beginnings may be, keep your verve ( positive energy, spirit, passion ) flowing!

The Strange Heights Creative Lab.

Please, welcome the launch of 

STRANGE HEIGHTS Creative Lab is a home-based studio where beautiful bespoke creations are born. The artistic process is well-defined by the plethora of activities involved from jewelry mastery and color play art to graphic and interior design.

With the New Year comes the end of struggle to decide which ONE of my hobbies gets all the limelight. In other words, I can't simply give up on everything I have an irrevocably grand zeal for and concentrate on only one, ONLY ONE creative side of mine. 
So instead of being a meticulously rigorous minimalist, I am embarking on being a vigorous maximalist and embrace it all!

Let me introduce You to the vivacious ambiance of my Creative Studio and how things transform into objects.
A sneak peak into a jewelry-crafting process for the upcoming Coastal-inspired collection. 
For those who'd rather be lying on warm sand of the tropical beach than being stuck in the cold city.

The incarnation of things-go-objects statement. Ever thought of repurposing the candle lids as coasters? 
That is what you gonna have under the tea/coffee cup in my studio.

Simplistic plain tees get a geometric treatment and bedazzlement at the realm of bespoke craftmanship.

There are new entries for a swift on-the-go check daily:
  Word of the Day and Object of the day.
WOTD is to highlight my passion for linguistics and knowledge.
 OOTD is not your typical outfit post, it is a different something that embodies clean esthetics and flair, be it an art piece or a laudable dress.

Check back soon. More great insights coming!

Monday, January 4, 2016

How not to fail on your New Year's resolutions promise!

         It is substantially easy- do not make that darn list of things that you aspire to do and be ,that seem so inspiring but are irrevocably doomed to be neglected and forgotten. And there is no way-NO WAY I am telling you to give up on your dreams and slowly vegetate. There is nothing more inspiring to me than enthusiastic diligence and strive for success, but this year I decided not to waste a page in my journal - I decided that the best way ( for my precious self ) to thrive is to remain myself . A year of 2015 showed how my life improved - how much more travel I had experienced (Charleston,SC,  RUSSIA, Seattle,WA), how many more books were read, how many more happy moments I encountered and how I was able to define the type of activity I want to be involved in and what to do for it. I honestly do not see the point of looking at the resolutions list every day to remember to eat more viber and less pizza or to exercise , or to study more instead of going out. All my goals and plans are in my mind. All I need to succeed is a dedicated regimen, consistency and a true desire. Notice how I omitted "talent". Talent cannot be forced but it can be conceived through the three above mentioned aspects.
         And to conclude my mindfull speech I want to say that it is essential to know yourself , know what you want (if you don't- do your research) and to do at least a little something for it EVERY DAY.
         Here is my creative little-something to evoke the spirits of inspiration and keep me going (and hopefully to give some of you a stimuli to jump-start your dreams-come-true plan right this second).
I applied graphic manipulation to the images of my own not just to remind myself to edit photos beautifully but to be a step closer to the desired destination by sharpening my teeth in graphic design that I so yearn to be a maven of!