Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting seriously creative or how denim inspires me for it.

        I like getting creative in a lot of things. I thought that artful amalgamation of shapes and photo effects would be an incredible great idea. But the center of that is me. Or the way I am. One night not too long ago my boyfriend and I went for a walk with his dog and I randomly asked him to snap a couple of pics of me rocking my new boyfriend jeans. I was just fooling around, playing with a pup, dancing and laughing a lot.
And then the brilliant realization descended upon me - that is the true me, in this very random iPhone "photoshoot". I am carefully audacious and limitedly wild, simply creative and seriously playful.
Through this series of pictures I attempted to convey my approach to life and attitude.        
I am not always playing mindlessly and dancing like a child, but I like at time to fend off the stress and adult decision making and just enjoy my unwinding. I do know what responsibility means and I do know what I want in life and especially I do have goals set. But my point about all this idea of a little game and frivolousness when you are an adult is that I do what I like and know what to do. Evrybody has their own ways. That is my way. I like it fun, but I like achieving goals just like anybody else and working hard for it.
On the last note, getting fully creative and painstaking in achieving my goals is my formula. And what is your formula?

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