Saturday, September 19, 2015

Precious beach memories.

            I am not a summer person, obviously, since I am very consistent about summer heat complaints, but this past summer created the best American Life memories ever - i.e. I got to go on vocation! To the ocean blue! To the beach! To one of the most beautifully mysterious places in the USA - Charleston, SC!
       Even though the weather was evilly hot and having on more than just a bathing suit felt like layering up, I developed the warmest feelings for summer than I've ever had. And a great company occurred to be the most feeling-changing aspect. My beloved one and I went maximalist - approach on everything there from frozen yogurt and oysters to upscale asian restaurant dining, from shopping (this is pertinent to to me the most) to boogie-boarding. It is always so much more fun when someone who is next to you is as extraordinarily adventurous and inquisitive as you are. We didn't explore the immensely popular haunted places though and didn't try the overwhelming variety of caramelized apples. Had to postpone it till the next time.
          I seriously did not want to leave that impressively picturesque place, but at the same time I sort of missed home, so it wasn't that sad. And every time I flip through the pictures from our trip , it evokes so much inspiration and positive emotions, that all I want to do is to leave everything and travel the USA. If I get so deliriously inspired and excited from dropping just one dot on a map, I will probably get a life-time source of hormone of happiness and fearless sense of adventure. And if I happen to be that bold travel freak , there is no way I am embarking upon the adventure of my life without my dearest Mr. Right. 
Love, piece and happy adventures to you!

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