Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Speaking in past perfect.


When I came to Myrtle Beach to work for summer, I was certain it was only for summer. I was determined to move to NYC later on, but it never happened, fortunately or unfortunately. There was a different path destined to be mine.
Not an easy one, but what doesn't kill us - makes us stronger !
And just like in almost every story written , a girl meets a boy and here it all starts.
I met my future husband right there by the beach. I still remember how shy and modest he was. I tried to talk to him to make him talk, but when he did I wouldn't understand a half of the sentence . That was the moment where I realized that people up north spoke with  a totally different accent! Much more clear and understandable. Southern dialect was a brand new discovery for me. But despite that , I thought I fell in love. I felt like I fell in love. I had been in love with him for 4 long years. It didn't go very well though. I turned that page a while ago, and I think it is high time I told the story. I know that the best true story-telling comes from the feelings you experience. As in , you should be sad and full of pain to convey the idea 100%. I did write in my journals to relieve anger and pain, but things like that are incredibly personal to me and precious. 
I will draw you a full color-spectrum picture , gathering all the important moments , but there are some things I will leave for myself . Things ,you  sometimes can't find words for, things that are encrypted in your brain. You remember everything ,it is a part of your personal experience ,a part of you. Part that stays undeciphered.  


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