Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I saw You. I fell for You.

I came to US when I was 21. The right age to be allowed in everywhere , the legal age. So I never experienced a feeling of being left behind. Haha. 
My friend and I landed in the gorgeous New York City and spent about a week there. I momentally fell in love with that place. I remain in such a state till this
We were exploring it without a map or a guide. Just by deciding where to turn and where to drop by. All these vintage shops and coffee places in Williamsburg  put me in the deepest joy and arose a desire to live there one day. Back then I believed everything was easy. Not so fast. These four years changed a course of thinking. I know that dreams are attainable , but never easy. It is an elaborate process, combining a strong desire, hard work and consistency . This is the formula I am trying to incorporate to my dream-come-true plan. And even if I don't become somebody I am attempting to be, I will always be happy with myself and still have my dream but in the shape of hobby. That's what a lot of people should realize - even if you don't get your dream job, you can still do it and keep enjoying it any time. Don't let yourself be down and discouraged.

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